Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Welcome to the Campaign of Henry Roman, Ed.D. for Colorado State Board of Education, 3rd Congressional District

Welcome to the official blog of Henry Roman, Ed.D. Candidate for Colorado State Board of Education, 3rd Congressional District.

If there is one thing you need to know about Henry Roman as he marches through this campaign it is the following:

As Dr. Roman sees it, this is NOT about POLITICS, it is about OUR KIDS.

Stop by the website to see more information about his wealth of experience and deep connections to our Colorado communities.

If you want to know more about the campaign:

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  1. I just received your latest mailer with a bloody school room on the front. This was very offensive, as I myself am a teacher. The ad was published by Jennifer Walmer of the Raising Colorado Independent Expenditure Committee. You should be ashamed of yourself. Why did you mail me a picture of a classroom dripping with blood? You people are sick!!!!